Who are the Odd Job Bros?

Who are the Odd Job Bros? - Steve O'Dell

Who are the Odd Job Bros?

The Odd Job Brothers are the most affordable and reliable on-demand labor service in Greater Rochester, New York. Here’s how they started.

On a clear summer morning in late June 2015, I met my cousins Jimmy and Teddy Combs at a Starbucks in Penfield, New York. We ordered drinks and sat down to solve our dilemma.

And what was our problem? We had no money or jobs.

We vowed to stay at the table until we had a solid plan of action. After a couple hours, we had the following ideas written down:

  1. Hold Volleyball Clinics
  2. Sell T-Shirt’s
  3. Mow Lawns
  4. Paint
  5. Start a Moving Company

Killer list, huh. Next step, go home and research various strategies. We went back to Jimmy and Teddy’s house and I called a few gymnasiums to get the cost of gym space while Teddy called t-shirt companies. Jimmy started designing the shirts.

After a few hours of hard work, we came to the conclusion that we couldn’t afford the cost of gym space and acquire the necessary certifications in time to run lucrative volleyball clinics. Similarly, it’s difficult to make profit selling t-shirts at the bottom of the food chain.

We had three options left:

  • Mow – The 3 of us have managed several lawns our whole lives so we were experienced. Plus, our parents had mowers. We just needed clients.
  • Paint – None of us had any experience painting. But, we thought we could get clients easily.
  • Move – We had no experience moving, but we found inspiration with the great story behind Two Men and a Truck.

Instead of choosing just one concept, we decided to do all 3 and more. At this point in my entrepreneurial career, my business vernacular was extremely limited. But, interestingly enough, I read a post by the Harvard Business Review about bundling and unbundling and decided that it’d be best to unbundle our service offerings.

Instead of being, “The Lawn Mowing Bros” or “3 Bros with a Truck”, we unbundled and the “Odd Job Bros” were born.

For the next 7 weeks, the Odd Job Bros did a myriad of different jobs. Here are the first ten I can think of: Pet Grooming, House Sitting, Deck Building, Babysitting, Gardening, Landscaping, Lawnmowing, Painting, House Cleaning, and Extermination. Count em, that’s 10 and I could keep going. We put in long hours and had to learn quickly on our feet.

We net nearly 20k during our first 7 weeks of business in the summer of 2015.

The Odd Job Brothers are currently in their second year of operations and are now well-known in the Rochester community as being the most affordable and reliable on-demand labor service. You can find out more or contact them on their website.

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