What is Entrepreneurship?

What is Entrepreneurship? - Steve O'Dell

What is Entrepreneurship? This blog will be exploring social entrepreneurship. But, in order to successfully understand the social aspect of it, we’ll need to answer the question: “What is Entrepreneurship?”, and have a clear understanding of the general terms “entrepreneurship” and “entrepreneur”. Let’s start with the question: What is an Entrepreneur? Around the year 1800, French Economist Jean-Baptiste […]

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What is Ad Valorum?

Ad Valorum

Ad Valorum believes in making the world a better place. We are a holdings company founded in March 2016 that invests in companies solving meaningful problems for global audiences. Ad Valorum invests in public securities and private companies disrupting sustainable systems, artificial intelligence, genetics, interstellar travel, material sciences, aircraft, neuroscience, and social good businesses. Ad […]

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